Ten comments people give me about my disability and how I react to it..

1. Oh.. you are on a wheelchair, can't you walk??
A. No no aunty.. I can walk.. I just sit on it for fun!!!!

2. Oh.. you are done with your Masters .. now what will do?? Get bored at home.. poor child.. itna padh ke kya fayda hua??Ab tu aur thodi padhegi!
A. Nhi aunty.. kuch nhI hua, bas 2-3 jagah apply kiya h.. mere mom dad ko problem nhi h.. apko kya h??

3. Tu 24 ki hogyi?? Normal hoti toh ab tak shaad ho jati.  Ab koi chance nhi h!!
A. Thank God aunty, ladkiyo ka life ka main aim shaadi hi toh h... But thank God that I am way out of the league!!!

4. Tu khaana nhi banna sakti?? Haye, tu kuch kr bhi sakti h kya??
A. Me bas kavita likh kr apni duniya badal sakti hu..

5. Ye sab samjh jati h~? Saari baate?? Me bolugi aur ye samjh jyegi??
A. Mere brain k ek hisse me problem h, poore dimaag me nhi.. ( and I suddenly become a biology teacher)

6.  Can she eat everything?? Veg non veg.. anything??
A. If you say, I'll eat your brain too!!😂

7. Oh baby. you are such a cutie, she is so beautiful.and she has this disability. god bhi na!! Bichari!!!
A. God forgot to give you common sense and brain .. did you see me complaining??😋😋😋

8. Mere so and so ko bhi yhi problem thi... Same!! Wo wale pundit ke paas le jaao.. sab theek ho jyaga....
A. Aap gaye the?. Apka dimaag toh theek hua hi nhi.... 😋😋

9. Today, will be a day out for her, han isse bhi ghumna chahiye!! It's good that you have bought her outside!!!
A. They didn't have to bring me anywhere, I can go wherever I want to....😎

10. How will she do a job. It will be hard for her.. she should just sit at home...
A. Oh!! Did you pay for my education?? Let me decide what am I going to do!!!!😊


  1. I love your sense of humour.This write up is awesome.❤❤❤

  2. Point 6 is Awesome
    Like youur sense of answer 😝😝😝

  3. 😂😂😂😂 u r just like me

  4. LOL The responses are hilarious.

    Especially this one - A. God forgot to give you common sense and brain .. did you see me complaining??😋😋😋

    I'm wondering if you say this out loud to the person? Or was this in your mind.


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