If they fell in love with a person with disability

This is just a observation,
Maybe I did the same,
Once upon a time,
Glorified someone,
Who is in Love,
With the person with a disability,
I was at fault,
But now I understand,
How wrong was it,
We often do the same,
To someone who's the better half of  a differently abled,
We don't realize that,
It's their Right,
To have a regular relationship,
To have fights,
To get the time..
To understand each other,
We don't realize,
That we are wrong at our part,
Why should we do that?
Everyone has some broken pieces,
That can't be glued,
Yes, we can see an overt disability,
But do we know,
What's going on inside?
All we are looking at the abled person helping a disabled,
It's sacrifice in the eyes of the society,
The abled person becomes a Hero,
In the eyes of the society,
We tell them,
You are great,
That you choose a differently abled,
As a life partner,
The abled person is often seen victimized,
You are so brave,
That you choose a differently abled,
To love,
But a…

Dependent and vulnerable- Women with Disabilities

During the evening,
Usually on the evening stroll,
I am on my wheelchair and a sweet music,
I used to venture alone,
Cutting through the darkness and breeze,
In my own Apartment,
It seemed safer to me,
Safer than any place can be,
I have been grown up here,
Old people and old stories,
Usually dip the moral down,
But our society is safe,
I thought so,
Where old people can live alone,
In the house of their own,
What else a safer place can be?
But I was told,
Not to travel Alone,
But I saw,
Most girls of my age,
Walking alone,
Without a fear,
Then why me?
They thought I was vulnerable,
Because I am on a wheelchair,
I can be an easy target,
So I stopped going out alone,
Because I began to fear,
Doubting every man passing,
But I couldn't live like this,
Acting like a prey,
I thought maybe,
I am vulnerable,
More than any women can be,
I couldn't run away,
From the dangerous man,
Maybe they are correct,
I am wrong,
That's what our society want,
Women with …

Raawan dhyaan- Dussehra special

Ye intezaar kya h?
Kiska h?
Aur kyu?
Yahi sochti rehti hu?
Wo kya h,
Jo hona h,
Aur kya h,
Jo khona h,
Intezaar h,
Din ke baad,
Raat ka,
Raat ke baad,
Subha ka,
Bas intezaar h,
Intezaar kuch hone ka,
Delhi ka safe hone ka,
Har subha ek rape ki khabar,
Na pdhne ka,
Bas intezaar h,
Aise Dussehra ka,
Jisme saari burai jal jaye,
Ek aisi durga puja ka,
Jisme sab durga ban jaye,
Par humne kya andar ke rawaan ko dekha?
Shayad nhii ,
Mujhe intezaar hai,
Uss din ka,
Jab sab ander ka rawaan jala de,
Wo raawan,
Jo lalach krta h,
Wo raawan,
Jo har chaurahe pr bolta h,
Tere ko pata h,
Mera baap kon h?
Wo raawan jo kanoon todkar bolta h,
Arre, kuch nahi hota.. jo hoga, dekh lenge,
Wo raawan jo hum sab ke andar hai,
Aao usko hum jalaye,
Aao sab dussehra manaye.....

Tu Chal

Tu Chal,
Rukna nhi,
Thakna nhi,
Tu Chal,
Jyoti nhi,
Tu aag hai,
Raftaar teri,
Har saans hai,
Tu chal,
Tu chal,
Log toh bolenge hi
Tu chalegi,
Toh log tokege hi,
Jo bhi tu pehnegi,
Uske liye log toh bolenge hi,
Tu chal,
Nidar hoke chal,
Tera shareer hai,
Jisko jism kehke,
Gandgi faila di hai,
Jese Sita ko bhi toh,
Agni pariksha deni padi thi,
Sab aj Sita ko mata kehte hai,
Par Draupadi ko nhi,
Kyuki Sita pavitr thi,
Aur Draupadi nhi,
Beti tu chal,
In saare purane riwazo ko todd,
Tu chal,
Aj apne haq ke liye,
Tu chal,
Aj un nazro ko mat dekh,
Jo ghoorte hai tujhe,
Un logon ki baat na sun,
Jo rokte h tujhe,
Samundar kabhi rukta nhi,
Baand se wo thamta nhi,
Tu wo bhav ban,
Tu chal
Beti, tu chal..
Aj ye wada kr khud se,
Sita nhi Durga h tu,
Tu chal,
Beti, tu chal.....

Depression and how I came over it

I had Cerebral palsy from my birth, but it didn't affected my health in anyway. Until, I was in 8th standard when my grandfather passed away. This incident of my life shook me to the core of my heart. My health kept degrading day by day. I was not even able to walk to the bathroom , myself. At that time, I  needed physical support of my mom, for my daily needs. My legs were in pain and I was suffering with my studies. We visited many doctors but none of them could find out, why this pain persisted. My St. Mary's school helped me alot . It was the time when I was doing my exams from home. I used to mail my answers to my school teachers.The main problem was psychological, I was drowning into depression. Depression is a word that we use normally now but it is quite dangerous. I was a chirpy girl, i used to talk alot but being at home you get to interact with a few people on a daily bases. There was a time when i used to wait for angels to take me heavenly abode. 2008 was a year o…

Waqt kaha hai

Aaj kal pyaar me kho jaane ke liye waqt kaha h,
Ek khoobsurat chehre par marr jaane ke liye waqt kaha h,
Waqt kaha hai tapti garmi me chai ki dukaano par baith ne ka,
Aaj kal pyaar ka intezaar karne ke liye waqt kaha h,Wo kehte h agar usko h mohabbat toh wo ikraar kar hi lega,
Din bhar uski soch me doobne ka waqt kaha hai,
Sochti thi usse kya me apni dil ki baat kr du beyaan,
Par iss baat par gaur krne ka... Waqt kaha h,Din beet gye.. saal beet gye.. badala ye sansar,
Pyaar vyaar ki baate ab hogyi bekaar,
Phir poochha ek din is dil se... Kya ab krlu pyaar??
Toh janaab ka jawab aya.. ab tera waqt hi kaha hai.....

Being a woman writer with disability.

A woman is emotional, they say,
A woman talk to much, they say,
A woman has strong mind, I say,
A woman has to be positive, I say,I am a writer with a disability,
That's why I'm different,
I write about the issues that matter,
I write about issues that matter to us,Is that wrong?
Being a woman writer is difficult,
You can express,
But you can't express everything,You can write,
But you can't cross the line,
You can write about making love,
But you can't call it Sex,You can write about drinks,.
But if you drink.. you are drunkard,
As a woman.. it is difficult to live in male dominance,
As a writer.. you can't always write about male dominance,A woman is judged,
On each step she takes,
A woman is judged on whatever she does,A woman writer,
Needs to be careful about what she thinks,
Even her thoughts are mastered and reformed,
On what the society thinks is right for a woman,Does She have any independence of her own?
I laugh at that,
You even blame her for getting…